About Joan Fry

Joan Fry is the author of three books, none of them self-published.  The Beginning Dressage Book, coauthored by trainer and judge Kathryn Denby-Wrightson, was one of the first books written in English for the average rider (Arco Publishing 1981, reprinted by the Lyons Press 2003).   Backyard Horsekeeping: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need, was published by the Lyons Press in 2004.  The Press released a revised edition in 2007.  Her most recent book is How to Cook a Tapir: A Memoir of Belize (University of Nebraska Press 2009, paperback edition in 2012).  No horses in that one, just a runaway mule.

In addition to her popular, award-winning books, she has written popular, award-winning articles that appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Western Horseman, Reader’s Digest, Poets & Writers, Black Warrior Review, and many other periodicals.  After marrying American Saddlebred trainer John Fry in 1978, Joan wrote articles (Dressage & Eventing, Horse Illustrated, The Pacific Saddlebred) and columns (Saddle & Bridle) for over 30 years.   

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